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to go to that page set out as a positive and friendly company to supply parking and security products for domestic and business applications. As we have grown, our product range has diversified and we now supply and install a wider range of products not only in parking and security but safety and commercial environments. We believe it is our positive approach to all of the applications, no matter how large or small the project was that has earned us our position in the market and made us distinctive.

Please take a look around our new website which we trust provides some insight into our philosophy and our approach, our inspirations and aspirations. Please enjoy...

We all like to think. Thinking of ways to improve our lives is only natural. Here are some good ideas that are here with us today and ready to install...

My Spot:
A clever product designed to allow us to protect our parking space using a remote-controlled barrier so we don't have to get out the car and un-lock folding posts, chains, move barackades etc!
All powered by the vehicle weight and not 240 volt electricity, or solar powered batteries.
That's neat and clever thinking.... By DP-Corp

Good thinking in parking stacks up!
It's simple! If you have twice the demand for parking space, double the spaces (or tripple them!) Companies thinking to the future.... call us

MyParkingSpace, have been appointed Dealer/Installers for the 'My Spot' parking space control solution is delighted to have been chosen as an Approved Dealer/Installer and looks forward to... and merge websites The all new website is here with many new features and products planned, keep checking back as introduction offers are announced secures marina workshops are delighted to have won a contract to secure one of the south coasts marina.... and 'My Spot' at Traffex2005 MySpot received a warm welcome from the parking industry at Traffex 2005 exhibition (NEC Birmingham),

It is not nice is it? When you have either bought, rented or leased your own parking space and every time you drive away, you return to find your space has been taken by an inconsiderate and un-authorised driver!

So, what are the choices to prevent these car 'Space Invaders'? Well there are of course the many varieties of manualy operated fold down locking posts, or perhaps the elaborate electric bollards that require more maintenance visits
per year than your car does! or perhaps, the good old fashioned 'Private Parking' sign that nobody takes any notice of!
Well now you have an alternative, MySpot is the nice environmentally friendly way for you to insist 'keep out of my parking space' when you leave it vacant. Click to read more...

Other Clever Solutions supply many parking solutions for a variety of differing applications.
Our most popular products include ...

~Double Parking Vehicle Stacking Systems
~Manual Operated Fold Down Posts
~Stainless Steel Protection Bollards
~CCTV Systems
~Automated Security Barriers
~Pedestrian Safety Barriers
~Fixed Charge Parking Systems
~Site Hazard Equipment

We also carry wide range of other parking related products and solutions so contact us with your requirement and let us quote you for the solution.

Welcome to the company that will protect your parking space with the latest technology at an affordable price!
Bollards, barriers, gates and CCTV, we have the solution to today's and tomorrow's parking protection environment.

We are a small friendly company that deal with all aspects of everyday car parking life - from one-off solutions for homes in urban or rural areas, to shops, workplace, and commercial applications. In all these areas provides a positive input in our approach and in the results we achieve: delivering more for our clients through insight and understanding; investing in our people to nurture confidence; and creating a business that will be successful - now and in the future.

Welcome to

What is MySpot?
MySpot is a low cost, self-contained, remote controlled barrier. It is
self-powered and restricts unauthorised access to parking spaces, driveways and access ramps, while providing the convenience of a remote control to authorised vehicles.

MySpot uses a proprietary method of capturing energy from the vehicle's weight and storing the power to lower and raise the barrier on command. This eliminates the need to connect the device to an electrical power source, or the bulk and high cost of batteries with solar panel recharging.
Installation is simple and fast, and no digging or major site preparation is required.
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MyParkingSpace, have been appointed dealer for the 'My Spot' solution
With over 10 years experience in Parking System Solutions, have been appointed as an approved dealer and installer of the revolutionary 'My Spot' product. provide parking and security solutions to both commercial premises and private dwellings. We are primarily an installation and service support company with commitment to quality. Now at the heart of our product range is the My Spot. An affordable self contained parking space protection device that does not need expensive civil engineering, digging, or mains power!

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